Top 5 Manga Like Overgeared – Manga Similar to Overgeared

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Overgeared manga fans would definitely love this list of top 5 manga like Overgeared.

Solo LevelingTower of GodI’m Destined for Greatness!Emperor of Solo PlayRE: Monster

Top 5 Manga Similar to Overgeared Recommendations

Solo Leveling

There is no doubt that this manga is undoubtedly one of the best series out there. Every manhwa fan loves the Solo Leveling manga for its amazing storyline and exciting adventures. People who read Overgeared would definitely enjoy watching Solo Leveling. This is our top recommendation for fans looking for Manga Like Overgeared.

Emperor of Solo Play

The story is set in the future. The movie is based on a virtual reality game, Warlord. The game has bought significant changes to the world. Jaehyun plays the game with full dedication but he faces treachery right before he achieves his goal. So, the theme of the manga is fairly intriguing and keeps you think about the next chapter.

Tower of God

The main character of the movie is Bam. Bam lives a lonely life with his sole friend named Rachel. Bam enters a tower but promises not to let go of Rachel. The tower is mysterious and the incomer has to face various tyrants on each step. The journey is adventurous and unpredictable. The suspense is perfectly puzzling and the storyline is powerpacked.

RE: Monster

RE: Monster is another manga like overgeared. This one is filled with thrilling scenes and amazing character development.

RE was a human with superpowers. He dies untimely and gets reincarnated as a monster. Re devours more and more beings each day in order to become mightier. The character of Reis contradictory to the mainstream ideals of the main characters. The setting of the story is in a fantasy world which is similar to solo leveling.

What is Overgeared

The main theme of the oveargeared manga is as follows

The movie revolves around Shin-Young woo who begins to play a video game. Since Woo is an amateur player he does a lot of silly mistakes which result in the form of I greater mishaps. So everybody titles him “the ultimate noob”. The ultimate story begins when Woo decides to reboot the game and tries to become Overgeared.

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