When Monsters Become Vulnerable!

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In One Piece, villains are not flawless beings, they are not your typical overpowered character like “you can’t touch me beings“, they have flaws and quirks that is what makes One Piece unique from its contemporaries.

It would have been easy for Oda to make Kaido like Madara and oneshot everybody and later a teamup of Supernovas and Scabbards taking him out but nope that storytelling is cliche, this is not how Oda writes his story.

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Monstrous people/villains suddenly becomes vulnerable and susceptible in taking physical damage when they become emotionally vulnerable/overwhelmed/damaged. This is especially common with the toptiers. Examples are as follows:

1 – The Marine Hero Garp The Fist

During the Paramount War, Garp was emotionally disturbed with the mere thought of the execution his of grandson, Portgas D. Ace was about to happen and he didnt do anything to stop it. He was mentally burdened when he reflected on Ace and Luffy’s childhood so he took Luffy’s punch head on with no time to react. he was visibly affected by Luffy’s punch when normally it wouldn’t even tickle him.

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2 – New World Emperor Big Mom

When mother Carmel’s photo was broken, Big Mom was emotionally overwhelmed and the mere weight of her body was enough to make her knees bleed. Otherwise powerful canons/bullets/swords would have no effect on her in the first place.

3 – General Kaido

Kaido’s body is rather tough and invulnerable similar to Big mom when compared to other characters in the series. Being a Dragon it just makes his body even tougher than usual. A dragon’s body is completely covered with tough, shiny scales. So it was surprising when the scabbards were able to pierce through his skin when even Luffy could do nothing against him in the first place.

Kaido’s biggest flaw is his drinking habit and mental state. Even Luffy was managed to hit him in his drunk state but later when he sobered up he oneshotted him. Kaido was forced to relived his trauma from Oden being able to injure him when he saw the Scabbards jump in front of him altogether like ghosts from the past. Furthermore, all the 9 Red Scabbards have Ryou and mind you, Ryou is the technique which is hinted by Oda as the only technique which can pierce Kaido’s tough skin and also it was hinted in this chapter that Kaido was saying they had Ryou specifically like Oden’s.

4 – Wano Legend Kozuki Oden

When Oden was about to deliver another blow to Kaido, Momo’s cry for help catch him offguard and there was a visible look of apprehension on his face so Kaido’s one blow took Oden out. Kaido even stated that if it wasn’t for Oden’s emotional attachment to his Scabbards and his love for Momo, he could possibly overthrow both him and Orochi.

fans should not make haste judgments about characters– especially in powerscaling when they are in an emotionally low point. Every aspect of the anime and manga has to be looked at through some point of reality. One Piece is more realistic than people give it credit for in this regard because even the strongest in the series are never that absurdly powerful.


To conclude, there isn’t a single human being in the world capable of being in peak condition 100% of the time, and when a human is vulnerable they can be destroyed with relative ease.

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