Author: #ronin
These Two Young Pirates are Former Captains of their own Crews. After Swearing Allegiance, they had been acknowledged by their Emperor to be given the rank of Generals. Kaido has even allowed Ulti to speak openly within his Presence!

Page One is Obnoxiously aware of his outstanding power & Reputation. Upon his arrival in the City Capital, he had began to display his unbothered & overly confident attitude in his Battle with Black Leg Sanji.

His Big Sister Ulti isn’t the Type of Woman to back down to anyone without a fight. Ulti even locked eyes with Worst Generation Captain Strawhat Luffy, briefly before Overwhelming him in their Clash of Heads!

These are two very dangerous Individuals & their current targets are both “God” Usopp & “Cat Burglar” Nami. It’s going to be Brains vs Brawn’s if they Clash within Onigashima.