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After Naruto ended there was a void in the lives of many fans of the series. The addition of boruto wasn’t seen as the answer to this void more so another reason why the void hurt so much.

The rushed ending of Naruto came as kind of a surprise to many fans of the series. Then as to appease the fanbase movies came out wrapping up some loose ends and around this time the release of Boruto the next generation was announced.

While the anime has been in a state of near constant filler this is just allowing for the manga to fill out. Boruto is already following the lead of its predecessor being filled to the brim with filler.

But I’m not here to tell you to not read Boruto! I want to tell you there is hope for it yet! The manga is centered around the coming of age of Naruto’s first born child, Boruto. The hot blooded child is in many regards just like his father. Possibly too much.

Without a demon spirit inside Boruto no one is afraid to be his friend and he has become quite the popular kid. He may just be an example of what could have happened to Naruto if he was ever given a chance by Hiruzen, the man who was supposed to care for him in his father’s stead.

Boruto been quickly is going down the wrong path but luckily Sasuke is there to save & guide him. This is a quality series seeing as how it has been building off the screw-ups of its predecessor. Unlike any other series out right now Boruto doesn’t have to try hard to build a world unique and well known to the audience. The Boruto audience are already is familiar with the in’s and out’s of the world and the different villages. They don’t have to waste time in character introductions or development for the old cast and can still use them in new and unique ways.

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This is all made even better when the initial concept brought into the manga was a battle between Boruto and Kawaki. These two characters, currently friends are shown fighting in chapter one. The series only gives us confirmation there is a fight but as the story progresses these characters move closer and closer to friendship. So it becomes tough to understand exactly why they would fight.

I think a concept brought up many times over in the series of what it means to be a Ninja will play a major role in this inevitable clash. Kawaki or Boruto, Ninja or something else entirely, which ideology will win in the end? All I know is that as a fan of manga I gave Boruto a fair shot and now I want nothing more than to understand exactly where this is going.

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So yes Boruto although building off a failed ending, and plagued with the same filler issue as Naruto has far more potential and is capitalizing off the established world so I don’t see any reason not to join in the read.


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