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It came a bit late, but we've reached the end of this season of World Trigger. If it doesn't feel like it, that's because this 100% was not meant to be the season finale. Unfortunately that week in the middle of this season when an episode got preempted by news coverage pushed everything back for the broadcast. So the actual last episode of this season will have to wait it out until October, when World Trigger once again rises from the ashes for Season 3. It's not an optimal situation, but considering the near-miracle of this season existing in the first place, I'll take what I can get.

“New Face” does at least act as a decent enough stopping point for now. First by wrapping up the current Rank Wars match all nice and tidy. The resolution to last week's stand off is quick coming, as an injured Oji goes after Yuma in hopes of winning some points in a 3-way scramble. He almost gets it too, but ever the clever duck(face), Yuma trips him up just long enough to get revenge for Osamu's absolute dunking last week. Oji's a sore loser though, and leaves some parting shots to slow the shrimp down. Ikoma, meanwhile, activates his Chad powers and starts tearing through the terrain with nothing but his sword. See Tamakoma 2, you may have Chika's cannon fire, but you're not the only ones who can tear down buildings!

Getting a taste of their own medicine, Yuma and Chika still handle themselves with aplomb, taking out Ikoma's sniper for one last point before the battle ends. It's one of the interesting quirks of this particular scoring system in action: Ikoma is the last squad with anyone standing, but Tamakoma-2's aggressive offense gets them the win in points scored, if only barely. It's still a solid showing overall, but as the commentators mention this battle was a clear sign of the faults in Tamakoma 2's current strategy. If they're able to implement Osamu's wires, it's a sharp advantage, but the time and maneuverability it takes to set that up is a big drawback that also paints a huge target on their team's back from the get-go. Toma speculates that the best way to counteract that would be to have two offensive specialists to better defend Osamu and Chika, and boy if that ain't convenient considering who's in the middle of orientation.

Yep, Hyuse has finished the meet-and-greet and in record time cuts his way through the other C-rank operators and recruits to make it to B-Rank. I'll give the guy this: he does not like to waste time. Hell, by lunch time on his first day he's challenged a half dozen of Border's strongest attackers and pulled out wins against everyone but Tachikawa. Granted that doesn't guarantee anything – the show and Hyuse are both quick to point out that the other fighters were working with a handicap since he only had a single Trigger, but it immediately gets him attention which is mayyyyybe not the best idea when he's a former enemy soldier in disguise. But I'm sure it'll be fine. It's fine. He's fine.

And that's basically all she wrote. This unplanned season finale just calls it a day once Hyuse gets suited up in his Tamakoma 2 uniform, and outside of knowing there's two more Rank Wars matches left, we don't have much to go on. It's certainly awkward, but far from the most awkward finale of this tumultuous season. And honestly this season could have ended with 20 minutes of Yuma reading the newspaper and making fart sounds with his mouth and I'd still be happy, because World Trigger's unexpected return has been nothing but a good time throughout. It certainly won't win any new converts over, but this has been pretty much everything fans could ask for after all the disappointment and difficulties this franchise has faced. So here's hoping to keep that buzz going through til October.


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