Yoshikitty Takes No. 1 Spot in 4 Countries in 2021 Sanrio Character Ranking

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Mascot character inspired by Japanese music icon YOSHIKI topped annual popularity poll in Italy, Germany, France, Thailand

Perennial favorite Sanrio character Cinnamoroll might have been voted the overall top character in the brand's yearly character popularity poll, but Yoshikitty captured hearts around the world. The mascot character, which is inspired by musician and X Japan member YOSHIKI, topped the polls in Italy, Germany, France, and Thailand. It ranked 11th overall.

Each year, Sanrio also partners with health-focused electronics company TANITA on special Sanrio-themed pedometers in honor of the contest. For the second consecutive year, the official Yoshikitty pedometer received the highest number of advance sales. In honor of this achievement, Yoshikitty was also presented with the "TANITA Award."

Yoshikitty was introduced by the Sanrio brand in 2009, taking cues from YOSHIKI. YOSHIKI's professional connection to anime began 22 years ago. He has composed songs for anime such as X, Attack on Titan, Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary, and Buddha: The Great Departure.

The Sanrio Character Grand Prix first began in 1986. This year, Cinnamoroll garnered 2,314,222 votes, while Pom Pom Purin got 2,166,543 votes at 2nd place, and Pochacco got 1,468,247 votes at 3rd place. The puppy mascot character also won in 2017, 2018, and 2020.

The poll attracted over 21 million votes from around the world, up from 14.5 million votes last year.

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