Zo Zo Zombie #40

3 months ago 45

Panda Zombie stinks at stinking! After losing everything in an underground farting 💨 competition, Zo Zo needs to stink up the place to get that sweet, sweet whiff of victory!

Can you imagine a better friend than a zombie? Someone who’d give his right arm to help someone? Who’d stick his neck out until it fell off? Who’d take off his head and shoulders to put himself head-and-shoulders above the competition? Even though he’s a zombie, he’s still very much a kid just trying to help people out and make the world a better place (in his own zombified way)!

Zo Zo Zombie chronicles the adventures of the bizarre Zo Zo as he tries to do some good in the world with his best friend Isamu. Zo Zo is the undead champion of the underdog who somehow always ends up butt-deep in comedic chaos! Get ready for a wacky, wonderful, totally-out-of-THIS-world-and-firmly-in-a-ZOMBIFIED-world good time!

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